River Water Treatment

We have perfromed a tailor-made design and named it as AKTIFPAK® WCU  Water Compact Units for the supply of drinking water to urban centres and small communities where reliability and trouble-free operation are essential criteria.

AKTIFPAK® WCU plants are compact units for the production of drinking water especially from surface waters like muddy riverwater, etc. Capacities of AKTIFPAK® WCU differ from 5 m3/h to 3000 m3/h.

Water Compact Units consist of following processes ;

  • Intake structures
  • Pre-chlorination
  • Coagulation (Flash Mixing)
  • Flocculation (Slow Mixing)
  • Sedimentation (Lamella Clarifiers)
  • Filtration (Pressurized Sand Filters)
  • Post – Chlorination

These plants use conventional water treatment technologies and are made up of easy-to-operate equipment. Flexible design enables to increase total capacity just by adding new modules.

Do you know that all AKTIFPAK® WCU systems have the below quality inspections prior to shipping ;

  • Visual Inspection
  • NDT tests for welding
  • Hydrotests for leakage
  • Paint Inspection

Kindly check detailed AKTIFPAK® WCU catalog thru DOWNLOADS.