Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat wastewater that is produced as a by-product of industrial or commercial activities. After treatment, the treated industrial wastewater (or effluent) may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or to a surface water in the environment. Most industries produce some wastewater although recent trends in the developed world have been to minimise such production or recycle such wastewater within the production process. However, many industries remain dependent on processes that produce wastewaters.

Most industrial manufacturing processes create wastewater that must be at least partially cleaned prior to discharge. Because of the broad range of possible pollutants, regulations that can vary by location, and the cost impacts of differing treatment approaches, there is no “one size fits all” package. AKTIF ARITMA TEKNOLOJILERI® (AAT) recognizes the complicated nature of wastewater treatment, and for decades has meticulously employed expertise, including mechanical, chemical and biological solutions, for the technical and financial optimization of each of our clients’ needs.

What does Package type of WWTP mean ?

Package type of treatment plant is a compact and modular system that can be transported on a long vehicle (maximum width 240cm, length 1500cm and height 300cm). Package type of treatment plants are generally used for low flowrates of industrial wastewaters.

Packaged type sewage treatment plant (STP) designed by AKTIF ARITMA TEKNOLOJILERI® (AAT) is called as AKTIFPAK®. AKTIFPAK® is a modular system where it can handle upto 200 m3/day of sewage in a 40″ container size.

Do you know  ?

AKTIFPAK® STP systems have the below quality inspections prior to shipping;

  • Visual Inspection
  • NDT tests for welding
  • Hydrotests for leakage
  • Paint Inspection